We’ve searched that reliable source, the Internet, to bring you our lists of 10 famous vegetarians, both alive, dead and fictional,  in celebration of National Vegetarian Week – there may be some surprises!


Richard Gere
Richard Gere
  1. Brad Pitt, actor
  2. Ru Paul, drag queen
  3. Carl Lewis, athlete
  4. Bill Clinton, former President
  5. Amanda Holden, actress
  6. Martina Navaratilova, tennis player
  7. Queen Sofia of Spain
  8. Richard Gere, actor
  9. Doris Day, actress and singer
  10. Mark Owen, popstar


Doris Day
Doris Day
  1. Larry Hagman, actor
  2. George Bernard Shaw, writer
  3. Leonardo Da Vinci, artist, inventor and observationist
  4. Steve Jobs, Inventor and Innovator
  5. Charlotte Bronte, writer and novelist
  6. Gloria Swanson, actress
  7. Charles Darwin, scientist
  8. Gandhi, Hindu spiritual leader
  9. Peter Cushing, actor
  10. Plato, philosopher


Lisa Simpson
Lisa Simpson
  1. Sarah Connor, fictional character from Terminator film
  2. Mr Spock, fictional TV character of Star Trek
  3. Superman/Clark Kent
  4. Ricardo Tubbs from TV Show Miami Vice
  5. Dr Who
  6. Lisa Simpson, from the Simpsons
  7. BFG, The Big, Friendly Giant
  8. Count Duckula, Vegetarian Vampire Duck
  9. Phoebe Buffey, from the soap Friends
  10. Harold Bishop, from the soap Neighbours

And finally – No Hitler was NOT a vegetarian!!

Let us know if you are are taking part in any vegetarian events this week – or if you have given up meat for the week (or for good!) and check out yesterdays Vegetarian Week Post featuring DR Managing Director Tessa Shreeve.

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    1. Many thanks – You are quite correct – there was an internet hoax back in January announcing her death which we seem to have fallen foul of. The post has been duly updated and we apologise for the error and any upset caused.

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