Allure, Yas Marine Island, Abu Dhabi

Yas Marine Island Abu Dhabi
Yas Marine Island Abu Dhabi

Not strictly speaking a restaurant this week but a ‘spin-off’ we think you may be interested in for its jaw-dropping opulence and cutting edge design. Sited on the fabulous Yas Marine Island development the nightclub is the first from the owners of mythically elite Cipriani Restaurants.

Allure by Cipriani
Allure by Cipriani


Orbit Design Studios planned the space to appeal to the most rarefied echelons of the international luxury crowd with views over a Formula One race track, an elevator for VIPs, and a hyperformal plan.


Allure Interior
Allure Interior


Combining yacht-like seating with fractal walls and a ceiling made up of shards of light that sail to the floor and can be illuminated with ‘infinite colour control’, provided by mixing red, green, and blue fluorescent lamps. In the main room, radiused corners meet facets while pink gold leaf and bronze cladding step the lavishness up another notch.

Allure Nightclub Abu Dhabi
Allure Nightclub Abu Dhabi


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8 replies on “WEEKLY FEATURE: International Restaurant Design Series

  1. Wow, I love the use of lounge furniture to make a restaurant feel swanky and upscale. Mixed with inviting lighting, this restaurant design is top notch!

    1. Hi Emily – its actually a nightclub – wouldn’t want to mislead! Check out the other reviews in the Category ‘Design Restaurants Worldwide’ though for some incredible restaurant furniture design and thanks for your interest!

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