Diet doesn't have to mean denial

No need to derail a Christmas excess diet plan by being a restaurant hermit in January.  The good news is there is no need to abstain.  We give you the simple tips to enjoy luxury dining but without a calorie overload.  But remember, all with moderation as we all know crash diets always prove ineffective if not more damaging (if used regularly) in the long-term. It is far better to have a mindful focus to healthy eating with balanced exercise.

1.       Choose your menu wisely – be wise on how dishes are prepared and look out for those with low cal cooking methods

2.       Order a’la Carte – select lean meats, vegetables, egg whites and cottage cheese and asked for them to be prepared as you wish or place sauces on the side

3.       Walk to the restaurant – a brisk walk before and after your meal is a good way of preparing and restoring or re-energising – valet parking is very lazy

4.       Choose your restaurant style wisely: all restaurants can reflect a healthy food option such as Indian restaurants – in general southern Indian are less calorific whereas Northern Indian tend to be richer, a balti is considerable less calories than a korma, dry over sauce, boiled rice over pilau – but a Japanese restaurant would be healthier still

5.       Limit alcohol – its high calorie with few nutrients and can weaken will power.  If undeniable then go for a glass over a bottle or if you really really must order a Spritzer

6.       Remove the bread basket – carbs for mindless pre-nibbling are an unnecessary evil

7.       Do you need the three course option – less is more sometimes or just have a main or careful side dish (see next)

8.       Side dishes by discretion – careful ordering to accompany a main course but careful as many are cheese laden

9.       Eat less by eating slower – take your time and enjoy your food properly and you’ll notice when you are comfortable before overloading to being full.  If you are chewing less the 10 times you a probably looking ungainly to your fellow diners – show consideration unless of course its soup.  But remember don’t take too long and annoy your fellow guests.

10.   Lots of water – drinking water can prevent over eating and aid weight loss by helping you feel more energetic and boosting your metabolic rate.  The money saving is tremendous.

Final note – remember the true reasons why you doing it – choose life, choose healthy eating over dieting every time.

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