Two-thirds of people wouldn’t eat out without searching for a discount voucher first, according to new research.

According to this week’s Restaurant Magazine, such is the UK consumer’s appetite for discounted dining, they are more likely to search for a deal before eating out than for any other purchase.

The research of 1,976 adults, which was carried out for MyVoucherCodes, suggests whilst people are returning to eating out as the economy picks up, the public are still conscious of the cost.

Discounting addiction across the lower, mid and high-end restaurant market?

Showing just how deep the discounting bug runs, one in four adults surveyed said they now look for a discount code online before making any purchase.

The poll also found that women are more likely to use discount vouchers (84%) than men (29%).

Design Restaurant’s view is whilst this reflects the low to mid market, top end gourmet lovers prefer not to use vouchers. Our knowledge of the fine dining market shows us that consumers are using new ways to source and book restaurants online, and our customers prefer consistent discerning added value within the fine dining market, and not simply time-constrained discounts on limited choice with cheaper ingredients to drive punters through the doors.

What are your thoughts on using vouchers? We’d love to hear from you…

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3 replies on “Brits addicted to restaurant discount vouchers

  1. I always look for vouchers before we go out for an ‘every day’ kind of meal. I normally chose a restaurant if I have a voucher to use

  2. Special offers yes, but not vouchers so much.
    As I’m currently not working because I’m finishing my MBA, I can justify my fine dining if I’m using an offer! I think many people feel they have to justify such extravagances at the moment. I expect this to change as the media’s focus on the recession withdraws.

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