Rosé wine, often referred to as Blush these days, has enjoyed a remarkable revival over the past 5 years and is now officially ‘hot’ – we can’t seem to get enough of it. Now that the days are getting longer and we are finally seeing even just a sign of summer, it the perfect time to crack open a chilled bottle and enjoy the warm evening breeze.

Today Rosé wines are made across the world and from a vast array of grape varieties leading to something for everyone. The depth and colour of the wine being a direct result of the grapes used leading to colours from white pink to Ruby red.

Rosé is often enjoyed as sweeter alternative to traditionally dry white wines. Whether your preference is light and refreshing, fresh and fruity or slightly sweeter, Rosé is the ultimate refreshment to enjoy in hot weather.

Rosé wine is the ideal accompaniment to summer salads, most seafood and balances the saltiness of smoked salmon and ham to perfection.

Our advice for summer – eat, drink Rosé and be merry…

Posted by:Luxury Restaurant Guide

Luxury Restaurant Guide is an online guide and booking system for beautiful 'destination' restaurants who deliver style and exceptional food for memorable dining occasions. We combine the collective knowledge from the Michelin Restaurant Guide and Michelin star awards, the AA Restaurant Guide and AA rosette restaurants, and publications such as The Sunday Times Top 100 Restaurants, with discerning reviews. You can easily reference a restaurant's tally of Michelin stars, AA Rosettes and restaurant rankings for an informed dining choice. Not just city centric, we cover the well-known to the obscure and the en-vogue to the vintage original restaurants. Gourmet followers can join the highly-reputed Luxury Restaurants CLUB for year-round privileges and dining offers at the best Michelin starred restaurants and notable AA Rosette restaurants. Offers are exclusive to Luxury Restaurant Club for affordable fine dining.

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