A new survey has revealed the surprising news that the British are now “better” cooks than the French.

According to a joint survey by French magazine Madame Le Figaro and BBC’s food magazine Olive, 72% of the British cook at home daily, compared with 59% of the French, and the British produce a greater variety of dishes. One in two British cooks spends more than 30 minutes preparing a meal, whilst only 25% of the French take that amount of time.

4% of the French admit they never cook, four times as many as the British questioned. And nearly twice as many British people as French make their own bread.

There is no doubt that British food, quality and variety has improved immensely in recent years, with the popularity of fresh produce, locally sourced ingredients and farmers markets. Whilst the French might react with disbelief, perhaps British food isn’t half as bad as people think.

Report from http://www.caterersearch.com

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